Welcome to the State of California’s Web Accessibility Toolkit.

The Toolkit is designed to help determine if your website meets state accessiblility requirements and to provide resources to help make your website and website content accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Learn answers to the most frequently asked digital accessibility questions. Questions and answers are updated regularly.

What is California Government Code Section 11546.7?

California Government Code Section 11546.7, originating from AB434 (2017-18) requires state agency Directors and their Chief Information Officers certify their agency website complies with Government Code Section 7405 and 11135, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, or a subsequent version, published by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium at minimum Level AA success criteria. These certifications must be signed by July 1, 2019, and then on July 1 every other year thereafter.

California Department of Technology Letter

Website Accessibility Certification Technology Letter IT Technology Letter 18-05 (PDF).

Web Accessibility Assessment Checklist (DOC).

CDT Website Accessibility Training

The courses offered are targeting specific audiences to meet various aspects of accessibility.

Current courses offered:

  • Making Web Documents Accessible (Adobe and MS Office) – Intended for content creators.
  • Web Accessibility Compliance Training for Developers – Intended for technical developers of websites and applications.
  • Accessibility Awareness & Overview – Intended for managers and executives (Coming in March 2019).

The course dates, descriptions, and registration can be found here: CDT Course Schedule.

Accessibility Services and Resources:

DGS PDF Remediation Services

The Department of General Services offers electronic Document Accessibility Remediation for electronic documents to hear and auditory version of text and images.

Web Accessibility Community of Practice

Expand your knowledge of accessibility and help others by joining the Web Accessibility Community of Practice (WACoP). Join a forum of state staff across a wide variety of public entities discussing digital accessibility. Post questions and find information on digital accessibility on the WACoP collaboration site. Participate in online and in person meetings where members of various departments discuss accessibility topics. Discuss your current accessibility projects or just listen in for ideas to further your own work. Join the WACoP today by emailing: AB434toolkit@dor.ca.gov.

Federal Health and Human Services Resources

The HHS.GOV Making Files Accessible page contains official HHS Accessibility checklists. Anytime you are preparing an electronic document that will be posted online, distributing e-mail, programming web content or creating video, these checklists will help you ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Why Does Digital Accessibility Matter?

Just like the laws that govern physical accessibility, like accessible restrooms, parking spaces and braille signage, we have laws to make websites accessible to people with disabilities.

Without digital accessibility, millions of Californians experience barriers when using the internet to search for services, file forms or access content on state government websites.

As more and more of society use speech activated devices, or use our cell phones hands free, making websites accessible benefits all of us. Just as accessible ramps make it easier for parents with strollers to access to a local office, websites that are accessible allow easier access to every citizen to connect to state government, whether using their cell phone or using Assistive Technology.

For more on WCAG and how accessibility benefits us all, read Why I Love WCAG (And You Should, Too!!)


For technical feedback on this website and technical questions about web accessibility, please email: AB434toolkit@dor.ca.gov

For web accessibility policy and legal questions, please email: ITPolicy@state.ca.gov