Community Rehabilitation Programs

CRPs are public or private not-for-profit organizations that provide vocational rehabilitation services. CRPs are required to obtain certain approvals by the DOR, such as vendorization, certification, and accreditation, prior to serving DOR consumers.

  • Vendorization: The approval to purchase services for DOR consumers by establishing a vendor relationship with a CRP.

  • Certification: Quality assurance and approval method for services purchased from CRPs using the standards set forth in the Guide to Certification and Vendorization.

  • Accreditation: Approval by CARF, an external peer survey review process.

Vocational Rehabilitation services provided by CRPs fall under the following core service categories:

  • Assessments / Evaluation Services
  • DOR Student Services
  • Training Services
  • Business Based Services
  • Job Related Services
  • Specialized Services

General Resources

DOR has established a Uniform Fee Structure which reimburses approved CRPs on a fee-for-service basis. An authorization for services from the DOR Rehabilitation Counselor is required prior to the delivery of services. The Uniform Fee Structure applies only to those CRPs in a fee-for-service relationship with the DOR.

Community Rehabilitation Programs Uniform Fee Structure (Word)

The DOR Rehabilitation Resources Directory (RRD) is a listing of all CRPs currently certified to provide fee-for-service Vocational Rehabilitation services. The RRD allows you to search for CRPs by geographical location and services provided.

The Community Rehabilitation Program Guide to Certification & Vendorization describes the DOR's policy, procedures, and standards for certifying and vendorizing CRPs. Interested agencies should review the Guide and follow the steps listed below:

Community Rehabilitation Program Guide to Certification and Vendorization (Word)

Important Updates

Important information on recent changes to fee for service Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS, otherwise known as DOR Student Services) can be found on the Important CRP Updates sub-page: Important Updates for Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs)

Requirements for Becoming a Service Provider

Agencies interested in providing vocational rehabilitation services to DOR consumers should contact their local Resources Specialist for information on the approval process. Agencies may contact the Community Resources Development Section to get the contact information of their applicable Resources Specialist.

Community Resources Development Section

Current employment and community services standards may also require the agency and specific service to be CARF-accredited. CARF is a private, not-for-profit accreditation agency that provides an impartial review of vocational rehabilitation agencies and services.

Getting Started

  1. Fill out Application and New Service Design Proposal

  2. Fill out Payee Data Record Form

  3. Complete "Security and Privacy" Training

  4. Complete "Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training"

  5. Contact your local Resources Specialist to inquire about providing vocational rehabilitation services.

  6. If there is a need for your agency’s services within the district, the local Resources Specialist will reach out to you to discuss certification and vendorization in more detail.

Existing Approved Providers

Approved CRPs are required to complete the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) training and Security and Privacy training every calendar year. These trainings explains fraud, waste, abuse, and how it can be prevented. The Security and Privacy training explains information security and privacy. Please use the links below to access the trainings and complete the certificate:

Fraud Waste and Abuse Training for Community Rehabilitation Programs (Accessible Word Document)

Security and Privacy

Approved CRPs are also required to update the STD 204 every 4 years, or when there are changes to the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), CRP name, or address.

STD 204 Payee Data Record (PDF)

Approved CRPs seeking to add new services or expand services into another district are required to complete the DR 402 and DR 402A respectively.