Health Care Provider

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is currently seeking a variety of medical, dental, vision, hearing, psychological providers and therapists as well as hearing aid, durable medical equipment, orthotic and prosthetic dispensers.

Health care providers are needed to:

  • perform evaluations and provide diagnoses;

  • provide treatment of physical and mental impairments; and,

  • provide medical devices and other goods.

The DOR is the state department charged with the vocational rehabilitation of adults and transitioning high school students with significant disabilities. The DOR purchases physical restoration goods and services to help these individuals obtain and maintain successful employment and live independently. The health care provider panel provides services and solutions that are tailored to assist each DOR participant to prepare for and engage in productive work. If you are interested in becoming a DOR health care provider, please complete and return our Health Care Provider Application and Payee Data Record.

Provider Reference Guides

The DOR Medical Services Unit has published provider reference guides for each of the medical and allied health specialties. The provider reference guides include information about DOR payment rates, billing procedures, and step-by-step instructions to successfully complete a medical service or commodity purchase for a DOR consumer. These reference guides are useful resources for providers who are new to DOR as well as those who have been with DOR for some time.

Dental Services (PDF)

Hearing and Speech Services and Devices (PDF)

Medical Services and Devices (PDF)

Psychological Evaluations and Services (PDF)

Vision Services and Devices (PDF)