Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Invoicing Guidelines

Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) values its partnership with vendors in support of services to Californians with disabilities on their path to meaningful employment and greater independence. The information provided below will assist you in submitting complete and accurate invoices to help DOR process your invoice for payment as quickly as possible.

Invoice Requirements

To maximize the federal funds available for the provision of Vocational Rehabilitation services for DOR consumers, vendors are urged to submit your invoices as soon as possible after the completion of authorized services for timely payment, within 60 days after the service month.

To help DOR process your vendor invoices for timely payment for consumer services, ensure that the invoices:

  • Contain the required vendor and consumer information, DOR authorization number(s), and the itemized description and actual cost for the goods and/or services provided, as pre-authorized by DOR on the DR297 authorization form(s).

  • Have a valid "Bill To DOR" address and remittance address on the invoice.

  • Must include a unique Invoice Number for DOR invoice entry and tracking purposes.

If any changes are needed to the services and/or goods listed on the authorization to add, exchange, and/or extend services, you must request and receive an amended authorization form from DOR in advance of the provision of goods/services to a DOR consumer.

For questions about the invoicing and authorizations/amendments processes, check out our VR Invoicing Guidelines - Frequently Asked Questions as you may find the answer you need.

Invoice Submission Options

  • New for 2023! For the fastest invoice processing, submit invoices for DOR consumer services through your VR Connections (VRC) Portal account. For instructions on how to submit invoices through the VRC Portal account, go to the VR Connections page.
    • For information on VRC Portal account features and how to use it, please see the VR Connections page. If you don’t have a VRC Portal account yet, you will have an opportunity to sign up when you receive an email authorization notification from DOR.
  • OR vendors may still submit invoices through the:
    • District Invoice inbox to the designated email address listed on the authorization.
    • USPS or alternative delivery method to the designated District Office listed on the authorization.
  • All required service reports and other required documents should be mailed or emailed as directed by the local Branch Office to confirm the receipt of goods and services.